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Fandom Gives Back Update

Thank you so much to @I_luv_Spunk and the rest of the Team Button-flyward mates!  You all surprised me with your love for my guy.  You pledged $125.00, the bid was placed and won.  

Spunky has told me she will be sending/has sent emails to all of you regarding the outtake and getting your pledges in. Please be kind and respond, she's done this out of her own obsessive love *giggle* for Button-flyward.

Please be sure you've made your donation and sent your receipt to Spunky.  She needs those in order for us to mark the auction complete.  

Thank you all so much for the love and support you've shown Smoking in the Boys' Room.

Bewbiesquishes to you all!

NEWS regarding Fandom Gives Back

If you didn’t already know, the Fandom Gives Back auctions have begun. @I_luv_Spunk, the leader of Team Button-flyward, wants your help in ensuring the team wins the outtake. Go to http://www.teambutton-flyward.blogspot.com/ and click on the pledge form for a Smoking in the Boys’ Room outtake. The auction information is here http://www.thefandomgivesback.com/item.php?id=681
“Hey! That was one time and that was in the beginning,” Jasper defended.

“It was four times in two weeks from what I remember of Alice complaining about the bruises she’d gained on her elbow, her knee and her rump.” Rosalie pointed out as she walked in—the picture of perfection—wrapped in her silken robe.

"For Everything, There is a Reason" is LIVE

The Preface went up and is ready
for reading...

Fanfiction.net :  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6047580

TheWritersCoffeeShop: http://www.twcslibrary.com/viewstory.php?sid=2315

Teaser pic for Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 Teaser:
I listened intently, hearing a muffled question to someone near Officer Davids before he spoke again. “I will meet you there and alert the hospital emergency staff of your arrival and relationship.”

Without another word, I hit the red button ending the call and was out the door, on my way to the hospital.

“What’s this?” I asked quizzically, snatching up the folded paper triangle. “Bella, did you make a paper football?”

“Yep.” She couldn’t have had a bigger smile on her perfectly beautiful face, making my heart skip a beat. She was obviously very proud of her work.

“Why?” I asked, and I saw her face fall. Fuck! “What made you want to make one? I have tons of these things.”

She shrugged her shoulders and twisted her mouth. “I just thought it would be fun. Sorry.” She sounded so fucking upset.

I needed to lighten shit quickly before I completely fucked our day again. “They are fun…if you play it right.” I quirked a brow and positioned the paper football in front of me then flicked it in her direction, hitting her square in the chest just below her chin.

“Edward Cullen!” she mocked.

“And that is how you play paper football,” I stated and went back to work, smiling into my notebook.

You've all been teased....
Here is the banner and summary....
The Preface will be posted NEXT weekend
Chapter 1 will post on the 20th


One man took his world from him. What was once bright and full of promise became darkened by despair. It seemed as if no one could give him reason enough to continue to exist. Could she?

Betas: Carabeth, Tiffanyanne3ff
Pre-reader: mpg

Banner created by: mpg and me :)

Chapter 12 Teases

 Images from Bella's cast  

“That’s what I have been trying to tell this oaf for the last twenty minutes.” Rose’s voice sounded from behind us.
“Babe, I told you I just wanted to hear it from Bella.” If I hadn’t known any better, I would have thought Emmett was whining.
“Oh, so you don’t trust me! Is that it?” Rose challenged, smacking Emmett’s hands away when he went to reach for her.
“Come on, babe.” He leaned in with his hands behind his back and kissed her cheek.

Chapter 11 Teaser

“Edward, sweetheart, are you feeling alright?” Mom’s concerned voice called out from the other side of the door.

I backed up to the toilet and called back, “Yeah, Mom. I’ll be out in just a minute.”

“Are you sure sweetheart? You left the table rather abruptly, and you’ve been gone a while.”

“Mom! Give a guy a break!” I seriously did not need this shit right now. No pun fucking intended.

“Well, just don’t use so much air freshener next time honey. I can smell it all the way out in the hallway. It only takes a little to cover it up, honey.”

“Mom! Seriously! Can we not do this?” I was losing it. My mother was outside my bathroom door, lecturing me on the proper use of air freshener to cover up the stench of my shit. Literally, my shit. Fuck my life.

“It’s okay honey. It’s a natural process of…”

I had to cut her off because this conversation couldn’t be happening while Bella could just walk by and hear my mother talking to me about my fucking bowel movements. “Mom!”

Twilight Canon Fodder Contest

(((UPDATED 8:24PM)))

Hello my lovelies!

Just letting you know I have two entries in the
Twilight Canon Fodder Contest.  Due to the rules of the contest, I am unable to reveal which stories are mine.  Please, take the time to read and review the entries.  There are some good stories. 

The stories I've entered, had actually been started some time ago on a whim.  Mrs_Robward and Twijonas3 can both attest to that, seeing as how I teased them both.  I will promise you, once I am allowed to reveal, I will post them on my profile.  They will however remain one-shots.  I don't plan on continuing them simply because, you already know how the stories progress.  **wink**

Those of you that know me well, are laughing at me for entering yet another contest, aren't you?  Me too! 

The Canon Fodder Challenge


Chapter 10 Teaser

I saw her jaw flex and her forehead tighten just before she looked up and gave me an icy glare. I gave her my contemptuous, close-mouthed smile. You know the smile where it’s a bit of a pucker, your eyes are kind of squinty and your nose scrunches up. That’d be the one. Bitch you do not know who you are messing with!

“How many in your party?” she asked through gritted teeth, glowering maliciously.

I started to answer her question with a glare of my own when Edward stepped in.

“Hi.” He waved his hand between our dagger-throwing glares to avert her attention. “Hi…Colleen is it?”

She looked at him when she heard her name and, I swear to you on all that is green in Forks in the middle of spring, the icy stare melted and she became putty in his hands—figuratively speaking of course. Her perfectly glossed lips turned up into a smile. She spoke her words with such an exaggerated effort I thought she might very well drop to her knees and offer to perform a different kind of service on Edward.

“Well, hello there, Gorgeous. Do you need a seat?”